A glitch has been found in the popular open-world JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Granted, the glitch was first discovered about a month ago, but we still felt the need to notify people, as many still don’t know about its existence.  In the game, the player can open up the Affinity Chart to view the affinity they’ve built up with other characters throughout game play.  While viewing your affinity with a certain character, you can click the x button to view their character profile.  It appears that when attempting to view a character profile, many people experienced an issue where the game proceeded to freeze and all buttons expressed no input (music and animations continue to function normally though, which is somewhat strange).  The only option when this occurs is to quit the game and restart, which can cause you to lose progress (I encountered this glitch and lost about 45 minutes of game play).  We recommend that you avoid checking character profiles in the Affinity Chart until Xenoblade’s development team releases an update patching the glitch.  Alternatively, if you feel the necessity to check a player’s profile then you can always save right before checking.  This ensures that if the glitch does occur, you won’t lose any in-game progress.  Happy gaming guys!

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