What a title.

There are a lot of people who shoot down Virtual Reality saying that it’s “The next Virtual Boy” or that it’s too expensive since you need to pay at least $500 for a headset, let alone have a $1000 computer to even run it properly.

The Vive, by HTC and Valve, is a Virtual Reality headset that is designed to work with Steam’s new VR integration called SteamVR. Currently, there are 3 games for SteamVR: Tilt Brush, Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives, and Fantastic Contraption. According to SteamVR’s website, pre-ordering the Vive will grant you free copies of these games.

So how well has it sold thus far?

Yeah. If you’re thinking that 15,000 isn’t a large number, think of it as this: Every minute, that’s 1,500 consoles sold. That’s Twenty-five units per second.

The Vive is different from other VR Headsets in that there are many more sensors that can allow for greater immersion. The headset alone has 32 motion sensors and front-facing cameras that blends immersion with the real-world environment. The two handheld controllers have 24 motion sensors each with dual-stage triggers. It comes with two base stations that track your movement away from your body to allow for 360° of immersion.

So, if you have $800 to spare and a really good computer, it might be worth it. Don’t ask me, I haven’t tried it.