On February 2nd, the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 “Awakening” DLC was released on the PS4 and… not the Xbox One?!  In fact, Xbox users had to wait a whole month before being able to play the new maps.  This DLC included 4 multiplayer maps and a new zombies map.  PlayStation Has been outselling Xbox in the console market, but why would Treyarch turn on some of their most dedicated customers?  This came as a surprise to me, due to the fact that Call of Duty has been catering to Microsoft for years now. The biggest reason for this shift actually wasn’t money, but rather, the game Destiny. When Sony and Activision worked together on this popular game, they came to an agreement to make more content on future games PlayStation exclusive. How long will this trend last? I think that this partnership may begin to die down in a couple of years, but we’ll see.