In the latest game in the halo franchise, Halo 5, the developers removed the split screen mechanic from the game entirely. This move received harsh criticism and angered many fans of the series. Although the game did well in stores, I for one was quite disappointed. It was as though the series was begging to focus on graphics primarily, while sacrificing some crucial gameplay elements in the process.

For me, it was always the campaign of the games that intrigued me the most. On weekend nights, me and my father would bond together while simultaneously immersing  ourselves into a creative, mysterious world within a game. I was very anxious to play this game the same way I had with the other games in the series, but I ended up playing through the campaign alone with no one else to discuss the alluring story with.

As I mentioned earlier, it would seem as though our beloved series is slowly losing its touch. What i mean is that the newest halo games are becoming more and more like your everyday first person shooter. The mechanics have changed, along with the overall style of the series. for example: you can now aim down the sights with your weapon and be revived by one of your 3 teammates.

halo 5 pic

So, here is the real question: will these changes be kept for the next game in the series? In my opinion… yes… maybe. It depends on whether 343 studios care more about revenues or fan service. However, our most recent games seem to be revolving around one thing: money. And since this game made over 400 million dollars in sales after its initial release, I don’t think that the developers will try anything too risky. But I guess we’ll see.