If you’re a fan of Splatoon then it’s time to get excited.  Nintendo recently released a video on YouTube that confirmed they are currently in production of a Callie and Marie amiibo.  The amiibo will feature Splatoon’s freshest girls at their finest as they strike their signature “Stay Fresh!” pose:

Callie and Marie amiibo

When scanned into the game, you can request Callie and Marie to sing you brand new, never before heard songs in your own private concerts.

Marie Music Amiibo

Not only that, but the girls also have brand new dance moves to shake things up in Inkopolis and really give you a show!

Callie Dancing

What’s interesting to note is that Callie and Marie amiibos were rumored months ago due to data found in-game.  These data-mining rumors also included the possible presence of octolings as playable characters, so will we be seeing them anytime soon?   Well, rumors aside both these amiibo look great and will be available for purchase on July 8th.  Nintendo also confirmed that they are doing re-releases of the inkling boy, girl, and squid amiibo with alternate colors.  These will also be available July 8th.

Callie and Marie amiibo release date

Inkling Boy and Girl amiibo recolors

Thank’s for reading guys, and remember, Stay Fresh!