As of late, there’s been a movement of video game companies wanting to turn their intellectual properties into movies.  Recent examples include the Ratchet and Clank movie as well as the Angry Birds movie, and we’re also supposed to be seeing a film based on the Assassin’s Creed series by the end of the year.  It looks like Nintendo has caught wind of this trend and now wants their share of the glory.  The Japanese based video game company recently announced that they are going to be attempting to move into the film industry.  What surprised many fans on top of this is the fact that Nintendo announced that one of these films could be completed and in theaters within as little as 2-3 years.

Aside from these facts Nintendo didn’t really elaborate on details, so we’re still in the dark as to what franchise the film will be based upon.  Hopefully the movie will be good though, and help break the trend of video games making poor source material for films.  Since Nintendo wouldn’t disclose which of their franchises would be given an adaptation, many fans have begun speculating and voicing their hopes for which franchise will be used.  Personally, I think a Kid Icarus or Legend of Zelda movie would do great, especially if it was animated (video game movies have tried doing live action before, it usually doesn’t end well).

It seems that Nintendo has been making many bold moves as of late and this is definitely cause for stir among gamers.  First, they announced last year that they were partnering up with the theme park division of the company “Universal Studios“.  Next, they announced their desire to become a part of the mobile market, following this up with the release of Miitomo and announcement that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing apps are coming later this year.  Then, they gave their new system, code-named NX, a release date of next year; and finally, they are now announcing that they wish to join the cinematic world.

While we can only wonder what Nintendo has planned for the long run, this recent announcement is certainly exciting and we can only hope the best for the company.