On May 6th Battlefield released its official trailer that clearly established the time period in which we would be playing. It would seem that the creators decided to change things up and have the game take place in WW1.  Wait a minute… that sounds like the  kind of game that the Call of Duty fan base has been asking for. Meanwhile, the new COD game, which takes place in space, has become the second most disliked video on Youtube with over 2.3 million dislikes.

In Infinity Wards defense, this game has been in the making for quite some time. They couldn’t have just scraped the game mid-development and start making an entire new game. I personally will not be buying the game, because I KNOW that supply drops will be returning. I think that Activision has already taken enough of my money.

Nevertheless, I’m still hyped for Battlefield 1. it looks like we will be seeing some innovation implemented into an old scene.