I legitimately can’t believe I’m typing this.

The toy-to-life based video game “LEGO Dimensions” recently released an E3 Expo trailer showcasing some of the game’s upcoming characters and levels.  Towards the end of the trailer, there was a shot of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings chasing after…well…a ring.  Last second, a blue blur dashes by and grabs the ring, and upon slowing down we see that it’s none other than-

Sonic-Lego Dimensions 2

Yep, that’s Sonic alright.  Depending on who you are this is either really cool or really disappointing.  Personally, I think it was kind of neat seeing Sonic with a LEGO mini figure.  I won’t lie though, I’m kind of upset about him appearing in LEGO Dimensions (the game is trying so hard to milk many franchises and it’s sad seeing Sonic taken to that level).  The trailer also showcased many other upcoming series being added such as “Ghostbusters” and “Teen Titans Go!”.  This was certainly…interesting to say the least, and we’ll be standing by for more information.