Popular Japanese gaming magazine “CoroCoro” recently released another issue.  As always scans of the issue are already circulating around the internet, and it would seem they have given us a look at some new Pokémon.  The people who translated the articles wanted to note that they aren’t sure if the details are finite, so they may be changed or disproved later.  The first is known as the Half Awake Pokémon “Nekkoala”, and has the ability “Definite Sleep” as well as a normal typing.  It’s ability prevents it from being subject to any status affects other than sleep, and its design appears to be based on the koala (that was kinda obvious off the name alone).

corocoro7161The second Pokémon, which seems to be causing more stir among fans, is the Puppy Pokémon “Iwanko”.  It is a Rock-type and has either “Keen Eye” or “Vital Spirit” as its ability (the Japanese translation is still being worked out).


These two new Pokémon look like they’ll be very interesting additions to the already over 700 we have, and here’s hoping there are more new ones to come.