Well, it’s been happening. I’m always late writing these articles. I’m still working on an Overwatch thing. Anyway, the sale ends on Monday, July 4th. Here are some games I bought and a few quick thoughts for each one:

Watch_Dogs: $11.99:

This third-person shooter takes place in a futuristic Chicago where everything electronic is connected through a system called ctOS. In the game, you are connected into this system and can use this connection to do from as little as listening to someone’s phone conversation to as impactful as cutting the entire city’s power for a short moment.




Melody’s Escape: $4.99:

Whoops I already wrote a Steam review on this game. Do you like rhythm games? because I definitely love rhythm games. I especially like the ones that let you play your own music, such as AudioSurf. This game is in the small group of games that fit those criteria. The game requires you to input timed directionals, but it is not a rehash of DDR. Higher difficulty levels require separate types of directional inputs, such as arrows and WASD. This game plays really well with a controller. If you like rhythm games, you should try it.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: $7.49

This is my first Metal Gear game. It’s also my first Hack and Slash game. WOW THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN. You play as Raiden, a cyborg ninja dude who rips things apart. The game has a lot of interesting plot detail in it. There are other cyborg ninja dudes that try to kill you. There’s a lot of blood (We’re talking Hotline Miami levels of blood). You can slow down time and hang out in the air while you slash things into 300 pieces. See that box? You can cut it. It took me a night’s sleep to download and the following day (The same day I wrote this) to finish. The only problem I had with it was how short it was.


Take advantage of this opportunity, guys. There’s less than a week left, so hurry!