A couple days ago, the official Sonic Twitter account took a poll asking if people wanted a collector’s edition for Sonic Mania. Many people flooded the polls saying yes, and with only a few saying no. A couple days later, pictures of what would be the collector’s edition leaked onto various websites. It was eventually confirmed by the official Sonic Twitter account to be real and that it would be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Lots of celebration from the community occurred and the pre-orders sold out on Amazon (don’t worry they’re available again.) The set includes a classically styled box, a 12’’ figure that makes the “SEGA” startup sound, a cartridge cast with a golden ring, and a metallic collector’s card with the download code. The entire package will cost 70 US dollars. Unfortunately, it is only available in America. But in order to compensate for Europe, if you pre-order Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice you will receive one of those old Sonic hats from the Sonic Colors pre-order bonus. The pre-orders for the PS4 and the PC versions are becoming best-sellers which will remind people that many still show an interest for Sonic and his games.