Do you remember when you had to transfer Pokemon 1 or 6 at a time? Going on and on through the Pal Park orslinging balls through that weird cross-bow thingy? Well Game Freak has the answer! With the new Pokebank update, you can transfer Pokemon from XY, OrAs, B/W and B/W2. Also, for all you Genwunners out there, you can transfer Pokemon from your Red, Blue, and Yellow virtual console too! Unfortunately, GameFreak accounted for your Fissure Machamp, so for better or worse, all transferred gen 1 Pokemon have their hidden abilities.

If you still haven’t got your Gen 1 fix, you will be given with a Mewinite Z, giving Mew access to it’s new Z move, Genesis Supernova (Spirit Bomb much?) The Mew, however, is not included, and don’t try your hacked level 7 Mew from Yellow, that doesn’t fly with Professor Bridgette.  And now, for the Mamoswine in the room, you have to PAY for the National Dex. Currently, GameFreak has not announced anything suggesting an in game National Dex, so you will need to pay the $5 annual fee for access to the Bank dex. The Bank’s dex in incredibly lack-luster, with minimal graphics and no original dex entries. However, it does read the save games that you put in bank, so you don’t have to deposit every Pokemon in the Bank. If you did however, you would have more than enough room, with 100 boxes of 30, meaning you have space for 3,000 Pokemon. The update is live right now, so take your old Pokepals on a trip to Alola. xDDDDDDDDDDE.

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