Puyo Puyo Tetris will arrive in the west on April 25th in the US and 28th in Europe! The game will have the menus completely translated, as per usual for a localization as well as being fully dubbed into English, which is very cool considering how many lines each character had in the Japanese game. There are also general fixes to the game being made like having more options for online matches among slight other things. There are also name changes being made to some characters  for example, T is now Tee, J & L is now Jay & Ellie, S is Ess, and more like that. Those were just the Tetris characters, there are also changes made to puyo characters. Raffine is now Raffina, to more align with the pronunciation of her Japanese name, and Satan is now Dark Prince (this name change existed in prior games, though). Finally having another game in the west is really good, mostly because the last one was Puyo Pop Fever, and that game had some issues with translations to say the least (Rita) and also being light on content. But luckily this game has a lot more content. There is also a website for the game now. puyo.sega.com/tetris