As some of you may know, the Nintendo Switch is entirely region free! And the Nintendo Switch’s U.S. eShop is… lacking, to say the least, even the European eShop is also somewhat lacking in games to buy. But if you were to make an account that is based in one of those regions, and connect that account to a Nintendo Switch user, you can access that regions eShop! It is very simple as well.

Prerequisites: Create a Nintendo Switch user without a Nintendo account linked to it, and an email that does not currently have a Nintendo account linked to it (It may act like an occupied email will work, but once verification starts it will fail, so avoid that).


  1. Go to and click create a new account, the page will switch (ha) to 3 dropdown menus that ask for your age, enter it, then the page will switch to one of two things depending on your age, if it’s over 18 you will be taken to the main account creation screen, otherwise it will be a text box that asks for your email (make sure that the email isn’t occupied)
  2. A url will be sent to that email, that url will then take you to the main account creation screen. On the screen fill in your details, THEN (this is the important step) make your region whatever eShop that you want to buy from (Japan for the Japanese one, a place in Europe for the European one, and in the North Americas for the North American eShop).
  3. You will be asked to verify your email with a 4 digit code that will be sent to the email you wanted. Enter that in, and you have your region based account! But, in order to sync it up with the switch attempt to go to the eShop with the account you want to turn into a Japanese account, you will be asked to sign in with an existing ID, click that and then sign in, and you are good to go!